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Darquise's story


Darquise's story began after her University degree, being lost and unsure if she wanted to persue her career in the Criminology field. She worked hard, went to a private school to get her esthetician liscence and started from the bottom at the age of 24. She opened Makeup Your Mind aesthetic spa clinic with the hopes of helping as many people as she can feeling relaxed, confident and happier as they left. 

Now, she has built a strong clientele in only a few months of being open AND she survived a global pandemic shutting her clinic down for over a year. She's ready more than ever, to give to her clients a 5 star experience each visit as she missed her clients more than ever!


 She is extremely passionate about skin care and wants to help as many people as possible transform their skin. She is dedicated to help her generation and the next to be more informed, educated and picky when it comes to their skin care routine! 

Want to know more about Darquise?

Her favourite skin care product she couldn't live without?: Glymed plus Oxygen deep pore cleanser. 


What would Darquise be if she wasn't an esthetician? I'd either be an interior designer, an investigator or her biggest dream... a french actress in a Tv Show!

Her favourite food? Poutine, all the way!

Her biggest dream? To travel the world & build my dream home with a garage spa in nature. 

Her favorite part about being an esthetician?


Changing people's skin, sharing her love for her favorite products and helping them with their confidence! (Sorry I can't pick just one! 

Her favourite hobby?

Dancing! Or watching my french Tv Shows/reality tv while drinking red wine 

How she spends her days off?

Probably travelling somewhere, camping or spending time with my family.

What's her astrologic sign? 

Libra (on the edge of being a scorpio) Moon sign: Gemini Ascendant: Aries  

Her favorite inspirational quote? 

"You only live one life, you sure as hell should make the best of it"



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