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Hello everyone, friends, clients and future clients! 

 I've never been the best at describing stories OR myself in just a few sentences... (I LOVE to talk and somehow always include little details in my stories!) 

Here it is: 

I graduated with a B.A in Criminology at University of Ottawa, Canada in 2016. I have a huge desire to help people in life. I am a huge believer in love, helping one another and making this world a better place than it currently is. However, I discovered a long the years that my passion was definitely aesthetics as I was doing my freelance makeup business from 2015-2018 called Makeup By Darla. 

I decided to work hard and to go back to school to become an esthetician as I knew the makeup world was for ME. 

In June 2019, I graduated from Versailles Academy, a well known private school in Ottawa. 
I am a small town girl at heart but with big city dreams. So, I decided to come back home and open Makeup Your Mind in Kapuskasing, Ontario! 

Home is where the heart is. 

I really want to travel to as much places as I can, make all kinds of different friends, have children even if I am terrified. My biggest dream is to fly in a hot air balloon on a very hot summer day. 
 Eating lots of soups & poutines is my fav thing (we all need balance), I live my emotions very intensely it's always high or low - no grey zone. Although, I don't think life should be seen in black and white. 
 I love who I am, and I would like to share it with all of you! 

Most importantly, this website is all about my passion for art.  I strive to live up to what I am most passionate about… I will try my best to recommend all of my tips and tricks—from affordable to splurge-worthy. Always informative, never pretentious. I hope it finds you well, and most certainly I hope you learn something new!

Also, do not be shy to book with me and check out my nice little cozy spa! 


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