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The new hype, eyelash extensions! 


At Makeup Your Mind Spa, we are certified for classic and volume eyelash extensions. We will gladly show you our certificate. When you get a full set of eyelash extensions or a refill, make sure you go see a lash artist that is certified. We are playing with the eye area, it is important to go see someone that uses professional quality products and knows what they are doing, someone with experience, and most importantly, someone that knows what to do if you get glue in your eyes or if you get an allergic reaction. 


Eyelash extensions are made for everyone! It doesn’t matter your eye shape. We will make sure your lash set looks perfect on you! 


Makeup Your Mind Spa offers 3 different styles of lash extensions. We start by cleansing the lashes: 

  1. The Classic set is for those who desire something very natural. Classic lashes are usually between .15 to .20 in thickness and are applied 1 lash extension on every single one of your lashes. 

  2. The Hybrid set is for those who desire a bolder look that also looks natural. Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lashes and volume fans. 

  3. The Volume set is for those who desire a bold look. We recommend volumes on those who love to wear makeup or want their eyes to stand out. We have different styles of volumes such as soft volume and bold volume. They are usually between .3 to .7 in thickness so they do not feel too heavy on your lash. This way, your lash can hold the volume fan without damaging the lashes! 


We end the treatment by applying a fan that helps dry the glue from the last lash extensions to prevent burning. You will leave with a brush to help you brush your lashes every day for free. 

Then, we recommend cleaning your lashes with our lash bath and brush to help them last longer and to prevent any eye infections, oil & makeup build-up. 


You can add a hydrojelly mask with this service for an extra 30,00$. Every time you add a jelly mask, we give you a sticker and a card. After 4 jelly mask add-ons, you get your 5th free with an under-eye mask and a chance to win a FREE 45-minute facial at the end of each month. We do this because we also LOVE freebies and… it’s our way to say thank you for choosing us!

1:15 minutes – 1:45 minutes

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